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In the morning we all do karting together in teams. When you book to come to The Track, we will ask you to choose from trials bikes or driving to do in the afternoon.
Photo of karting Photo of trials biking Photo of off road buggy


Learn to race in your karting team, getting in  the fastest lap times and learning how to  corner like a pro. When you breakdown or hit the tyre wall, learn how to mend the karts  with help from the experts.

Trials Bikes

Learn to ride a trials bike and progress from  complete beginner to advanced rider through  the week. We teach you how to start the  engine, operate the brakes & clutch and  control your speed. When you have the  confidence, give our obstacles a go and learn  the ride over the saw-saw or the balance  beam. We have a range of bikes suitable for  all sizes and abilities. 


Do you want to learn to drive a car before  you are 17? Well come to The Track and we  will teach you. In a safe, off road, area  you’ll get to learn the basics first in a small  road car and if you’re good enough, you can  get to drive off road buggies around basic  ‘autotest’ style courses.
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