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When you come to The Track you are not only attending the holiday, you are part of The Track  family. We welcome everyone the same - with the same amazing love that Jesus has for all  people. On top of the main activities there is a whole load more to get stuck into... 
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Food and Fellowship

We provide great food at mealtimes and  drinks & cakes/biscuits are available at  breaks. The mealtimes are always a good  time to chat and chill - don’t forget that your  group might be on washing up or clearing up  so don’t disappear after the meal! 

Fun and Games

Whether it be a friendly football match, a  game of pool, table tennis, Uno® or a game in  the field - there is always time for relaxing  and having fun at The Track. The leaders are  always there to chat to if you have questions  to ask. 
A typical day... wake up morning worship breakfast washing up sections break tuck shop sections lunch washing up chill out prayers sections break drinks & cake sections dinner washing up games discussion groups worship evening meeting me time cocoa games curfew Zzz...
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Praise & Worship

Every morning we have a short prayer &  praise time before breakfast. In the evening,  after the discussion groups, we all come  together for an informal time of prayer,  worship & a short talk. If you wanted to bring  your musical instrument then you could take  a turn in the worship band.

Prayer & Testimony

Throughout the week you will hear different 

leaders pray and give testimony to what God 

is doing in their lives. Why not share 

something from your life sometime during the 


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Get Involved 

There are plenty of opportunities to get to  know each other better and to get to know  God better. We have discussion groups each  day and encourage all to get stuck in to the  bible passages, to prayer, to getting serious  about your own faith. Learn more about God  through the evening meeting talks and  through talking to each other through the  day. Worship Him through your thoughts,  words & actions. What are you waiting for? 
Photo of making friends
So much fun! Why don't more people do it?! Really friendly group of people where you are challenged in your faith but also supported by everyone around and fun times on the  track!  The Track community is like a second home full with petrol and bent track-rods It was AMAZING! I loved every minute of it even though I wished I'd crashed less (loved my trophy and tiles too). Inspiring!  Very excellent holiday great fun It is an amazing place to be. You meet so many people and they are people that you can make life long friends with. The worship is  amazing - you can encounter God in so many ways and the Karting is amazing!  It's a great place where you can relax,be yourself,meet lasting friends,try new experience that you haven't done before and also to  learn more about Christ or to make your faith in him stronger. I'd also say it's a place where everyone's treated equally and  everyone's just so friendly and you get to spend a good week being yourself around other people who are also enjoying themselves. Some of the best youth meetings I've been to - which are useful and relevant. Accompanied by amazing worship music its a really  encouraging place for a young Christian. Oh and the karting is good too.  I have leaned more things about God and how he sacrificed His life for all of us and how the bible works. One of the best weeks of my life - and that's saying a lot! There was a lot to do every day, all the adults were really nice and helpful  and the food and evening meetings were top quality. The karting and driving sections were the among the best points, especially the  final race (the comeback!) and the off-road driving in a buggy. 10/10! 

Some comments from young people that have previously attended The Track...

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